The 5 animals of Dr. Hua Tuo and the functional physical, emotional and mental relationship.

Doctor Hua To was a Taoist doctor who lived in the 2nd century. He was inspired by the main motor skills and behavior of the tiger, deer, bear, monkey and bird.
Based on his knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and qi-gong, he created a series of exercises.
By imitating these animals you act on each of the five organs and thus on every physical, emotional and mental sphere of the whole body.
Today, these exercises are a classic in Chinese preventive medicine.

If we, like the Taoists, simply observe what happens in nature, we see that movement is a fundamental characteristic of life. They observed the cycles of the sun and moon, the passage of the seasons, the growth of plants, and they identified in the animal kingdom some locomotor traits that were noticeable in some species. Everything in the universe is a manifestation of polarized and moving energy seeking balance.


Everything in the universe is a manifestation of polarized and moving energy seeking balance.

The bear’s locomotion when standing upright on its two legs is merely clumsy in appearance, as it hides two exceptional qualities such as stability and balance.
His mind is firm and sure. The bear is related to the spleen-pancreas whose stabilizing energy is identified with the basic motion of the earth. It is characterized by an energetic behavior that rises and falls evenly.

physical level
The spleen-pancreas is located right in the middle of the body, regulates the transformation and transport of vital energy, and also controls muscle tissue. The spleen-pancreas is associated with the stomach, which receives and processes food. The ascending energy of the spleen-pancreas and the descending energy of the stomach, imparts energy balance to the entire system.

psychosomatic level

Western medicine recognizes the link between chronic worry and stomach ailments such as ulcers and indigestion.

somatopsychic level

Balancing the energy of the spleen-pancreas nourishes the virtues of compassion and empathy. The spleen pancreas is the home of the Intellect Yi, where logical thinking and reasoning, constructive criticism, reflection and memory reside. Now we can see that it is not associated with any emotion, but with intellectual aspects. In fact, when an energy imbalance occurs and the spleen-pancreas is empty, undue concern and persistent fixation on a specific problem develops, keeping the mind constantly busy. This can become a chronic attitude that leads to obsession if the disorder is extreme. The imbalance increases the intolerance, the individual isolates himself and does not want a relationship. The energy imbalance robs the body of nourishing vital energy, hinders digestion, causes abdominal pain and lowers resistance. The result of all this is fatigue and lethargy.

However, when the stabilizing energetic behavior of the spleen-pancreas is balanced, it predisposes to having a reality-minded personality, down to earth and very adaptable to the environment. The person analyzes, synthesizes and processes all kinds of knowledge and converts it into experience, which he uses to overcome any difficult situation that arises in life.

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