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Qigong, training for mentor/trainer/healer.
During your education, training and retreat you will be exclusively and intensively trained by Ilse Vanbrabant, who has been working with energy for almost half a century.
Ilse Vanbrabant grew up with herbs and homeopathy, Self-healing with energy was born to her. At that time, all these applications were not named, her grandmother called it hands-energy.
At age 28, she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease from which she recovered thanks to Mindfulness and confidence in the body’s self-healing ability, a process of patience and listening to her body.
In 2015 she started to deepen herself in the Eastern energy form Feng Shui and through that way came into contact with Qigong, at that moment the picture was complete, that what she had been doing all her life now has a name and a shape.
By practicing Qigong daily, a great inner strength was created and the fear of getting sick again disappeared. Although her body was healed, she now realizes that the fear of getting sick again was holding her back from depth and progress. This whole process changed her whole life and she was able to let go of fear and emotions from the past thanks to Qigong.
Soon the idea came to share this power, not only with sick or elderly people, but certainly also with young people to master this special form of movement.
After all, her own experience made her aware that what you learn at a young age and above all “apply” will remain stored in your cell memory for the rest of your life and you will carry it with you until the end.
Being able to let go and be free of emotions such as fear, sadness and anger can bring you to a higher consciousness so that you can live a life in the present moment and manifest from your deepest being.
Her passion to train people to become fully-fledged and high-quality Qigong trainers is so intense that you soon want to know more about this intensive and powerful training.


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Ilse Vanbrabant lives with her dogs in Cortijo El Castillo in Partaloa, a small village in the mountains of Andalusia, Spain.

Everyday you can follow her daily live online Qigong trainings from Spain in her professional zoom room.
At this moment Belgian and Dutch Qigong enthusiasts are following her Qigong training and education.
Thanks to this modern technology there are no limitations of distance.
You train every day or once a week in a nice group and soon you have the feeling that you are in a room together. After all, Qigong is a very individual form of movement, you do not need much space and can therefore be perfectly practiced at home.

In addition, you can choose to combine your Qigong mentor/trainer/healer training with a life training in Spain. During this retreat you will be completely immersed in an energetic bath of Qigong and Feng Shui and you will experience even more deeply what the energy can do to your body.
Thanks to Qi Gong, Feng Shui and the powerful energy in the mountains of Andalusia, many people have been able to let go of their tensions, sadness, pain, anger and frustrations to continue their path with a clear mind and full of confidence.

Before you book your retreat, let me tell you a little more about this particularly powerful place in the mountains of Andalusia.

Cortijo El Castillo

Cortijo, pronounced Korticho and literally means farm – it is also sometimes called a Finca rústica con casa de campo, or a country house located in the mountains of Andalusia.
El Castillo is pronounced as “el kastijo” and means “The castle.
And that is exactly what it is … a cozy farmhouse in Moorish architectural style, located in the mountains of Andalusia, about 15 minutes from the town Albox, +/- 45 minutes from the coast town Vera, Garrucha and Mojácar and about 1h20min. from the city of Almeria.

Ilse Vanbrabant lives in the main building with her dogs.
The small outbuilding that once served as a stable has been transformed into a cozy studio that will become your place during your stay.
The studio has a private pool and breathtaking views of the Rambla and the mountains of Andalusia.

Ilse offers you a safe, warm bed during your stay.
Her strength lies in being restraint in moments when non-being is appropriate. ​
She immediately gives you a feeling of coming home.
Making people sparkle and shine has always been part of her work.
As a fashion stylist and designer of her own knit collection, very wealthy people belonged to her clientele, they wore her designs with great love and enjoyed her exclusive and personal attention.
Existential life questions fascinate her and have always been part of her life and now as the hostess of Cortijo El Castillo and your personal Qigong trainer, she guides you in an exclusive way to become aware of your inner strength!

unconditional love

Ilse and her energetically powerful dog family

During your stay you will be introduced to the special energy of a dog family, they all have their own personality and one by one fill your heart with their unconditional love!
Moste, the mama still takes care of her puppies every day and enjoys their attention so much. Bernard is the lovely big teddy bear. Michel, is super sweet and full of energy, he wants to be the first to see and smell everything and he is the little pig who eats everything he can finds. Quinta, is always very close and can demand attention in a special way. Goldie, being the most verbal, uses her special barking technique to draw attention to herself. Mieke, like to be by herself but if your energy matches hers she will stay close to you all the time, she realy don’t like it when your raise your voice and she make sure that there is no stress in the house.
They are a strong and energetically powerful group / dog family and will never abandon each other, they play and fight and at the end off the day they all sleep in each other’s laps including Ilse

If you want to start with the “Certified Qigong mentor/trainer/healer” program, 14 individual training days are included in Cortijo “El Castillo”
You will be trained exclusively by Ilse Vanbrabant, who has been working with energy for almost half a century.


Respect is an important value within Cortijo El Castillo. Respect for yourself, each other, the property, the environment and nature.

We use the guidelines for strict hygiene, before your arrival the Cabaña is completely disinfected.
No one will enter the Cabaña during your stay . After your stay the Cabaña will be completely desinfected.

Cabaña “little house”
Your stay is free, breakfast in your fridge is included as well as the meals we prepare together (in the main house) that are part of your training “healthy nutrition and listening to your body”
bedlinen towels for shower and swimming pool provided.

Cortijo El Castillo is not a treatment or therapeutic center, no treatments are given.
In the training process it is assumed that you can carry yourself, be safe for yourself and your environment.
The training programm is very comprehensive but may contain specialized toppic depending on your needs.
Day one we discuss the planning of the training sessions according to your rhythm.

Visitors or inviting other people into the cabana is not allowed to keep the safe setting.

Cabaña has sleeping accommodation for max 2 persons, it is possible to get together with someone who does not follow training, no extra costs will be charged for overnight stay.

Travel costs are not included
Airport transfer is possible from Murcia or Almeria Airport, extra costs will be discussed during your reservation.

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