Awareness through movement

a unique and practical approach to access a conscious life

A lifestyle that makes you aware of both your feminine and masculine life energy.
“Yin & Yang” that you can fully develop thanks to the soft movements of Qigong.

A unique and practical combination and approach to access the present moment.
To live in balance with your environment from your own strength.
“awareness through movement”
Designed by Ilse Vanbrabant with the aim of shaking you up in a state of pure presence.

The powerful simple Qigong practices in combination with Feng Shui will speed up your spiritual awakening process.

How it works …

When your sense of well-being is affected by stress, negativity and fear, your body becomes contracted and energetically out of alignment
This contraction and misalignment has an impact on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life with obvious consequences.

Awareness through movement
Helps you to become aware of your inner reality and your emotions, as well as your mind and its thought processes that may have contributed to any incorrect complaints.
By moving your body and your environment, vibrations are created that transcend thinking and bring you back to the deeper feeling.
These vibrations make you aware of resistance, your body and your environment will increase your awareness
The more open and wider you can feel, the more open and wider you can react to everything what is around you.

Awareness through movement.
Allows you to return to wholeness and inner balance, bringing you into a flow with the present moment.
It aligns you with your true nature, which is consciousness.

Awareness through movement with Ilse Vanbrabant gives you the opportunity to design your life as it is intended for you.

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