A lifestyle that makes you aware of both your feminine and masculine life energy.
“Yin & Yang” that you can fully develop thanks to the soft movements of Qigong.
To live in balance with your environment from your own strength.
“awareness through movement”
Designed by Ilse Vanbrabant with the aim of shaking you up in a state of pure presence.

The powerful simple Qigong practices in combination with Feng Shui will speed up your spiritual awakening process.

How it works…

When your sense of well-being is affected by stress, negativity and fear, your body becomes contracted and energetically out of alignment
This contraction and misalignment has an impact on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life with obvious consequences.

Awareness through movement
Helps you to become aware of your inner reality and your emotions, as well as your mind and its thought processes that may have contributed to any incorrect complaints.
By moving your body and your environment, vibrations are created that transcend thinking and bring you back to the deeper feeling.
These vibrations make you aware of resistance, your body and your environment will increase your awareness
The more open and wider you can feel, the more open and wider you can react to everything what is around you.

Awareness through movement.
Allows you to return to wholeness and inner balance, bringing you into a flow with the present moment.
It aligns you with your true nature, which is consciousness.

Awareness through movement with Ilse Vanbrabant gives you the opportunity to design your life as it is intended for you.

unique program

Join Ilse Vanbrabant, as she guides you on a journey to experience the joy of being — a state of vibrant aliveness and inner peace — realized through inner alignment with the present moment.
You can join her weekly life-online group lessons or individual support.

By following Ilse’s specially designed sequences of movements and postures, you will experience how to clear, cultivate and circulate the vital energy throughout your body, and how to initiate action from a relaxed body.
By connecting body and environment, you learn how to clear, cultivate and circulate the vital energy throughout your home and environment.
In Ilse’s unique program, a special combination of Qigong and Feng Shui, she shows how you can transmute the most challenging obstacles and let go of old emotional wounds.
The power of movement and awareness in the present moment can make your wounds a helpful ally.

Qigong & Feng Shui professional

Are you about to turn theory into practice, shift your focus from practicing shapes to the inner and true essence of Qi-gong to finally feel the flow of Qi!

  • VIP membership
  • 12 Individual training days
  • total 48 training hours
    Your stay is free, breakfast in your fridge is included as well as the meals we prepare together (in the main house) that are part of your training “healthy nutrition and listening to your body”
  • 1 year access to all online trainingen and online events.
  • complete program

Qigong & Feng shui trainingen

  • VIP member
  • 1 year unlimited live online zoom trainingen
  • 10 hours private training
  • 1 year access to all online events included
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What you will experience

Unique and powerful training program thanks to the combination of Qigong & Feng Shui in your daily life you can reach a higher level of consciousness in a short time.

become aware of the flow of Qi in your body.
become aware of the flow of Qi in your living environment.
becoming aware of different Qi currents between people.
become aware of the vibrations between people and in our environment.
become aware of your diet and your patterns.
from theory to practical applications.
recognize and dare to use your inner strength.
The training program will make you aware of the current energy flow and help you to let go of things that no longer suit you.
Finding a balance between being and doing – moving without losing your presence – standing in your power without losing your feeling – manifesting from a sense of abundance – seeing the positive in every setback “Yin & Yang” not bad or good, but more and less.

Awareness through movement is for people from all over the world.

Although the Awareness through movement coaching program is extremely useful for anyone interested in healthy exercise, living and creating from consciousness, the themes will be adapted to the group in which the participant is located

About Ilse Vanbrabant

Ilse Vanbrabant, with her down-to-earth spiritual approach, she is the teacher and designer of:

“Awareness through movement” gentle exercises that bring you into your strength to awaken awareness by moving the body and your environment.

Through her unique program of movements and applications, she gives you the opportunity to let your true nature and your essence emerge.
They bring you to the pure form of presence and connect body and environment.
You will awaken in unity – to who you are – beyond the thinking mind and the egoistic feeling – it gives you access to infinite power and creativity.

“When we are open and connected to the energetic source – which is accessible to everyone – aligning body-mind – when we realize who we are at the core of our being – we blossom in our life purpose”

We won’t do it, it happens automatically.

Ilse brings a down to earth approach to spirituality that is very refreshing.
In her work with individual and groups, she beautifully supports the state of presence, fully focused on feeling.
She has a great ability to bring people back to the present moment, where they can feel the joy of life, to a place where all insights take place and no problem survives. “